Mark Schneider


The primary purpose of this is to help folks find out about my professional interests, get an idea of what matters to me, and maybe find a few things that I have written. My primary scholarly interests lie in higher education policies and practices of interest to academic administrators, broadly speaking, and in foundations of physics.

I also consider my contributions to higher education in the form of curricular development and reform, and multiple programs to improve success and retention of all students an important facet of my professional scholarship.

In the future I plan to post a few things about my avocations: folk music and photography. Included in that will be some multimedia in the form of audio and photographs--stay tuned.

I am probably trying to do too many things in one site, but use the navigation bar above to help find what you are looking for. And if you have questions for me, or brilliant ideas I haven’t considered, I’d love to hear from you!


That photo shows me on the left with Jim Swartz in Washington DC, making a presentation for the National Science Foundation on the occasion of the Grinnell Science Project receiving an award from the White House and the NSF for exemplary mentoring (the PAESMEM program).  We were one of only two programs (in addition to about ten individuals) to receive this award in 2011.

More commonly, I can be found on the campus of Grinnell College, where I am a professor of physics, and until recently an academic administrator--both appointed (Associate Dean) and elected (Chair of the Faculty).

Why this site?